How to use the online meeting tool 【Faceless】Let’s have a meeting with NFT avatars!


Hello, I am Omochi(@omochibigaku).

This page provides an easy-to-understand explanation of how to use Faceless, an online conferencing tool.


The NFT used as your profile picture will become your avatar!

I want to open a meeting

  1. Open the Faceless website
  2. Apply for an access pass (you will receive an email notification if you win)
  3. Log in to the site
  4. Get Meeting URL
  5. Send meeting URL to participants (up to 6 people)
  6. Prepare your avatar
  7. Enter the meeting room

I want to attend a meeting

  1. Open Meeting URL
  2. Prepare your avatar
  3. Enter Meeting Room

I’ll explain each one!


If you’re interested in attending the meeting, read on from the ‘FYI’ section!

STEP1. Open Faceless and get an Early Access Pass!

Open the official website of Faceless.

Once the site is open, you will first need to obtain an Early Access Pass to use Faceless.


If you have an Early Access Pass, go to STEP2!

Click on the “Get a pass” button in the center of the screen.

The application page has opened.

If you have an NFT of some kind, click the “NFT Holder” button.

If you create and sell NFTs, click on the “NFT Creator” button.

Fill out the required information and click the “Apply Now” button.

Wait often until you receive your Early Access Pass.

Early Access Passes are not given to all applicants, but are randomly selected from among applicants every two weeks and notified via email!

STEP2. Log in to get the meeting URL!

Once you receive your Early Access Pass, click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the site’s top page.

Let’s sign up.

Enter your registered email address.

When you have completed the form, click the “Send” button.

The email has been sent.

You will immediately receive an email to your registered email address, and click on the URL in the message.

Faceless opens.

If you are using the Japanese display, switch the display language.

Click the gear mark in the upper right corner.

Click on “言語切替”.

Click the down arrow.

Select “英語”.

The display has been changed to English.

You now have the meeting URL.

Click on the copy symbol to copy the meeting URL and send it to the meeting partner.

The beta version of Faceless only allows you to manage one meeting URL. Remember, anyone who knows your meeting URL can enter your meeting room at any time!


In the beta version, you might want to avoid publishing the URL to everyone!

STEP3. Change the camera and microphone settings!

Click the “Start Meeting” button.

If you see this message,

Click on the key symbol in the address bar.

Click on “Site Settings”.

Here we will change the camera and microphone settings.

Click on the down arrow to the right of the camera.

Select “Allow”.

In the same way, set the microphone setting to “Allow”.


If both the camera and the microphone are set to ‘Allow’, then OK!

Return to Faceless and click the “Reload” button in the upper left corner of the screen.

A page has opened where you can customize your avatar.

STEP4. Customize your avatar!

Choose an avatar for your meetings

Now let’s customize your avatar.

Click on the “View More” button under Select Avatar.

You can choose your favorite avatar here.

By the way, the symbol in the lower right corner of your avatar means

  • No mark: Available to anyone
  • Light blue star: Available to those who have at least one NFT collection in their wallet
  • Crown symbol: Available only to the owner of the NFT collection.

Click on the character of your choice.

You can easily change your avatar.


Choose your favorite avatar!

For reference, you can connect a wallet.

Click on the “My NFT Avator” button.

Select “MetaMask”.

Enter the password and click the “Unlock” button.

Confirm that the URL to connect to is “” and click the “Next” button.

Click on the “Connect” button.

If you have at least one NFT of a character marked with a light blue star, you will be able to use that character’s avatar!

Avatars marked with light blue stars are now freely available.

Click on the character of your choice.

You can use it as an avatar.

You can also change the meeting room background.

Click on “Background”.

Choose your favorite from here.

The background can be easily changed.

Let’s choose a recognition mode

Next, we will choose how the avatar will move.

Click the “Facial mode” button to make the avatar move as you actually move.

Click on the “Select Camera” button.

Select the camera to be used.

The camera reads the direction of your face and the movement of your eyes and mouth, so you can move your avatar as if you were moving yourself!


Let’s move it around a lot and play with it!

Click on the “AI mode” button and the AI will automatically move your avatar.

Enter a display name

The next step is to enter the name that will be displayed during the meeting.


Enter any name you like!

Once entered, the name will appear above the avatar.

STEP5. Let’s start the meeting!

When your avatar is ready, click the “Join Now” button.

Now you can enter the meeting room.

Below the avatar is a list of functions available at the meeting.

Each will be explained.

Microphone button

Click the microphone button.

Microphone can be turned on and off.

AI Mode Button

Clicking on the “AI Recognition Button” will allow you to change the way your avatar moves even in the middle of a meeting.

Select the mode of your choice.

Share button

Click the “Share” button to show meeting materials in the background.

Choose what you would like to share at the meeting.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation up and running in advance, you can open it from the “Window”.

You can select PowerPoint.

The meeting partner will be able to see the PowerPoint document and avatar.


I don’t see my bottom left avatar on my screen!

If you want to stop sharing a document, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

Click the “Stop” button when the button appears.

NFT button

Click on the NFT button.

You can change the avatar you are using even in the middle of a meeting.

Record Button

Click the “Record” button to start recording.

Meetings can be recorded.

When you want to stop recording, click the “Stop” button.

You will then see the recorded video file in the lower left corner of the screen.


That’ll come in handy when I want to review the meeting later!

Chat button

Click on the chat button.

Chat will appear on the right side of the screen.

Type your message here.

Click the right-pointing arrow.

You can easily enjoy chatting with us.


Might come in handy when you want to tell your meeting partner the URL!

Member button

You can also see who is attending the meeting.

Click on the Member button.

Meeting participants are displayed.

STEP6. Let’s end the meeting!

When the meeting is over, click the “End Call” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You may now exit the meeting room.

Click the “Close” button and you’re done!

FYI: How to join an invited meeting

Click on the URL sent by the meeting partner.


Without the meeting url, you can’t get into that meeting!

Then, a screen will open where you can customize your avatar.

Please refer to STEP 4 to proceed with how to customize your avatar.

When your avatar is ready, click the “Join Now” button.

This allowed me to attend the meeting.

The functions available for meetings are summarized in STEP5.


We can fit up to 6 people in the meeting room!

When the meeting is over, click the “End Call” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You may now exit the meeting room.

Click the “Close” button and you’re done!


Makes meetings a lot of fun!



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